Boast was founded by a group of Ivy League Squash and Tennis players in Greenwich, CT.  Their goal was to create a distinctly American brand - one as irreverent as the rebels and icons who dominated the courts and culture in the 1970's.  

For this collection, we drew on the brand’s rich, authentic 45 year history and updated it with contemporary silhouettes and fabrications that remain faithful to the Ivy League sporting heritage and Greenwich-prep roots. Warm-Ups with era appropriate trim and detail celebrate Boast's sporting roots and the founding era.  Varsity Jackets, a staple of Ivy Style, pay homage to the founders and their respective schools. Sweatshirts feature all-over embroidery, or critters, a staple of post-WWII East Coast country club culture.  At the core of the collection, remains the Polo shirt - an indisputable menswear icon. 


Photographer:  Jack Belli 
Director of Photography:  Bob Hoste
Photography Assistant: Jamie Ellington

Stylist: Christian Stroble
Stylist Assistant:  Melody Huang
Groomer:  Crystal Carrero

Talent:  Ben Jordan
Talent:  Nicola Wincenc
Talent:  Tommy Junior Kumbi
Talent:  Olivia Hamilton


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