Boast Japanese Maple Leaf Logo


Founded in 1973 by a group of all-American sportsmen, Boast has always been the brand of choice for those on the outside (of the inside). 

Boast started when a group of friends began peddling polo shirts to country clubs out of the back of a station wagon in 1973.  At the time, when European brands Lacoste and Fred Perry were dominating the polo shirt market, Boast offered its American clientele an independent, homegrown alternative.  The logo, a Japanese Maple Leaf, is a symbol of strength and endurance. 

In short order, the logo, the attitude, and the 1970's era combined to give Boast a rebellious edge that chimed well with the big tennis personalities of the era: men such as Messrs Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe and Roscoe Tanner.

Soon enough this “country club rebel” look made its way into the mainstream, and the Boast maple leaf started cropping up in movies (see: Risky Business) and on the chests of men such as author Mr. John Updike and even future president Mr George W Bush.  

Boast is (and has been) proudly sold through select Country Club and Retail partners since 1973.